Feelings of someone who fell in love

December 13, 2012 3:49am CST
Falling in love is something awesome, so beautiful to the world seemed just belong together. We will be realized when we have failed that love is no longer beautiful
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• Philippines
15 Dec 12
yeah! that feeling is hard when you fail for love.. but whats harder than that is like, youre loving someone yet you havent know yet if she can love you back or if she love you..
14 Dec 12
Being in love with someone is one of the most beautiful feelings a person can encounter. In love there is always a failure and a person can experience a heartbreak it just depends on a person on how he/she will handle that feeling. A person just have to think positive.
@Shavkat (134349)
• Philippines
13 Dec 12
Falling in love is like you are in outer space. You can't describe the sweetness that brings to your life. It is a good thing, your life has the reason to live.
@hlfbldmom (743)
• Philippines
13 Dec 12
being in love has been described as the most beautiful thing that eve happened to a person. Someone who is in love is very optimistic and happy. Being in love is a unique experience all of us that should undergo. But breaking up is the most painful thing we ever experience as well. The opposite feeling of being in love. Broken hear ted person is lonely and see things negatively.Especially when someone is expected too much to the person they love. It will break them into pieces when love fails.
@margies (128)
• Indonesia
13 Dec 12
when we fall in love,everything was so beautiful and sweet, the world is just around both of them, others just renting.. :p But when we feel broken heart, the world is like upside down, no more words to say that love is so amazing and beautiful...so different ... whew ...
@wishjui (271)
• India
13 Dec 12
Its the side effect!Each and everything good and bad thing has got a side effect...so if you find the past relationship ugly so its the bad side effect. Failure is always ugly and bitter...so just relax! Look forward to a new and better one with some past experience and it only helps.