Fun with Passwords

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December 19, 2012 6:02pm CST
Hey guys, So I saw a rant on passwords somewhere else and it really got me fired up. The meat and potatoes of it is why don't they tell us what the requirements for the password is when we log in. We all know how it is, we have a list, on paper, the computer, or in our head of our passwords that we use that fit certain criteria. Capital? Number? 8 characters? You enter your password once and fail, try another one and fail, and a third one and fail and all of a sudden bam, account locked. Then it asks you obscure security questions that you selected from a list of preset questions you answered 3 years ago. If somehow you manage to get through them, and bravo to you if you do, then you are asked to enter another password and when you put in a password it comes up saying you have to have a capital and a number... and you are like ooooohhhh so my password was ******, so you try and set it to your standard password and you can't use it because it is in the system, so they make you try a new one, which is horrible because obviously you aren't very good at remember your password and now it is like number 15 on your list, no way you get it right before you lock your account again. How hard is it to just put a tiny little reminder saying capital, number, 8 chars? How come we can't make our own security questions? How come I can't make my password whatever I want, since when is it the sites responsibility to determine my security on my account. If my bank password gets stolen because I set my username to username and my password to password, I think that is my own damn fault. What do you guys think?
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• St. Peters, Missouri
20 Dec 12
That's so funny! And TRUE!!! I can't count how often I've had to reset a password just to find out I used the wrong combination. I know there is a program or something available that stores passwords and you access it with just one password. Remember one password to get to all the others. Sounds interesting. I wonder if it works? I wonder how secure it is? I have my own method of keeping track of passwords for some specific sites, but I don't know that it's really all that secure.
• United States
20 Dec 12
Actually I use an app on my tablet, called mSecure I think, it works really well but I don't put all my accounts in there just out of laziness. However it very easy to use and they have thought I lot of the random stuff that some user would like. Security wise though it is top notch. I work in IT and the stats they give for the security are pretty far up there. More so than the tablet itself, and most personal computers. Essentially it is as secure as any bank site or credit card processor would be.