thankful for my birthday today

@kaeirole (668)
December 21, 2012 3:09am CST
today is my birthday..and there's no reason that the world is gonna end :D.. i'm so thankful for the another year in my life..though i went some bad things..but all is well..i offered mass at dawn to give thanks to my Creator for another year for material stuffs from my family and partner..their greetings and presence are enough for me..we will just share on some food tonight, since we are so lazy to go out because of the christmas rush.. i turned off my birthday notification on facebook..and i guess none of my so-called "friends" remembered my day..even the one i considered as my close friend..well, i'm not expecting that much..i don't feel bad at all about long as i have my family and my's more than enough! maybe i'll have a post celebration still with my family and partner after christmas or new year, where people are not rushing to shop.. birthday isn't all about parties and gifts..but for me, it's thanking for the another year and be with true people who really cares for you.. :)
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@natliegleb (5175)
• India
30 Dec 12
enjoy your time and certainly make use of it beyond an extent and always be happy for that and hope you party harder and enjoy for sure .its a great moment when everyone wishes.and more importantly we celebrate a lot
@val1234 (59)
• Philippines
24 Dec 12
HAPPY BIRTHDAY!:) I agree you should really be thankful that God gave you another year to live. Actually, I believe we should all be thankful every single day that we wake up each morning and having a blessed life. I feel sorry that your "so-called friends" forgot your birthday. anyway, HAPPY BIRTHDAY AND HAVE A GREAT ONE!:)
@bluespygirl (2112)
• Philippines
21 Dec 12
Happy Birthday kaeirole! I wish you the best. I hope whatever your plans are or wishes will be granted. I agree with the thing about you said that birthdays shouldn't be about parties. It may be a time for yourself, a time for reflection or a day to reflect. Again, I would like to greet you a Happy Birthday! Advance Merry Christmas and Happy New year too!
@neelia27 (896)
• Philippines
22 Dec 12
we should always be thankful for God gave us life to live.. specially on our birthdays because it reminds us on how long we live.. a simple celebration on birthdays will do.. and you are right as long as our families are there to celebrate with us our birthday is complete... anyways.. happy birthday to you..
@vernaC (1491)
• Romania
21 Dec 12
Everyone deserves to be happy in their birthday, so even if I don't know you I still want to greet you the [/b]happiest birthday[b] in your life. It should be the happiest since it looks like the world is not gonna end today.. People are busy these days so don't be upset if they don't remember, just remind them and let them greet you then move on and be happy on your day.
@ZoeJoy (1392)
• United States
24 Dec 12
You certainly have the right attitude. Birthdays are days to be grateful and for celebrating with people who really care about you. And to thank our Creator. I know people who have Birthdays in December and they try to make sure that their Birthday is celebrated separate from all the Holiday celebrations. My sister would get upset when her Birthday presents were wrapped in Christmas wrapping paper. So, no matter what month, our Birthday is a day that is special for each of us. It doesn't need to mean lots of gifts, but just a day to rejoice.