Education is the solution of the economic crisis of one's country

December 24, 2012 8:34am CST
The teaching education must be associated with the needs of teachers who have possessed with professional qualities. In order to succeed in life, the teachers should take cognizance of the general needs to quality teaching by the teachers so that they can quadrate with the standard of economic living based on monthly income. Without a good education, each citizen of that particular country can't carry out great things to solve problems of the country. By attaining the quality of education, the 3rd world country will become progressive because of what he/she has achieved educationally!That is the time that the economic crisis of that particular country will be solved.
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@sanjay91422 (2725)
• India
27 Dec 12
Education is really necessary, and if it is effective, one can rule the world with his skills. Education include many things, beside literacy one should have all the knowledge of the world, and good moral values. It helps everyone to know their real goal in life and then helps them to catch it. So if it the economy of a country then it will grow fast if the people are educated and understand the meaning of being strong. If they make themselves prosperous the country will become prosperous. If well educated people will be honest, hard working, and will protest the corruption and all the bad things. So these qualities will take the country forward.
@chiyosan (30184)
• Philippines
25 Dec 12
Well i do agree, a country can be progressive when most of its children are well educated. When a country is illiterate, uneducated, they will not be able to go ahead and compete with the rest of the world. the times are changing, children of younger ages are able to achieve more than what adults of the older generation has. Education, along side love and concern for the country is part of the solution of one country's economic crisis. A country's problem is quite complicated and yes, though education can help.. it may only just be part of it.
@Arieles (2473)
• United States
24 Dec 12
I have to disagree with this statement unless of course you are discussing a high school education. I have a degree in teaching which lapsed in 2002. I have not been able to find a teaching job or an educational job for that matter. I think a college education is a waste of time. Eighteen years after receiving my degree I am worse off than what I was before, I have all kinds of student loans hanging over my head. A high school education is a good idea. Being able to read, write and have basic arthritic skills is all we really need. The majority of successful people never went to college, or quit and some were even high school drop outs. What makes a person successful is their attitude, desire and the ability to work hard.
@val1234 (59)
• Philippines
24 Dec 12
Yes, Education is very important to one's life towards success. But i think it is not only Education that will solve the economic crisis of one's country, instead, the great responsibility lies to the government/ the leaders of the country for without responsible and good leaders, wisdom and knowledge attained through education wouldn't be applied in our daily living.