i thought she will not come..

@asliah (11137)
December 25, 2012 3:55am CST
happy holiday to all of you guys,this morning have many children on the streets,and many godparents stayed at home and wait for there godchild to visit,i have two godchild only and the first child came in the morning,and its already afternoon that time i thought my second godchild will not come but i was surprise and she came,i thought i could save money but not.did you already expect that all your godchild will come to your house for their gifts?have you also experience this?
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@williamjisir (22819)
• China
30 Apr 13
Like the first respondant said, I do not have godchildren, but two sons only. I wish my elder son to get married soon after he graduates from college and I would like to be Grandfather of my grandson. It will be very exciting to be Grandfather. I am looking forward to it.
@toniganzon (72317)
• Philippines
6 Jan 13
And you thought you could escape the responsibility of godparenting during the christmas season! None of my god children visits me in my house at all. I'm usually the one sending them gifts in their own home. But not this year. I'm not in the Philippines and maybe next year i won't still be in the Philippines. So if you want to escape that responsibility, go to another country lol! Kidding!
@Arieles (2473)
• United States
25 Dec 12
While I do not have any Godchildren, I do have two grandchildren. They will both be here this afternoon and I am so happy. We will watch movies until they come and then when they all get here we will open gifts. I will be taking a lot of pictures, because I don't know when this will happen again. I want to keep these memories fresh and alive. I am happy to know your Godchildren came and you were able to visit with them.
@liezel25 (292)
• Germany
25 Dec 12
I don't expect any god children will come since I'm not living anymore in my home town,hehe. But it makes me happy to give somethin and see them again. It's been awhile. You can save again, the next time :)
@val1234 (59)
• Philippines
26 Dec 12
Happy Holidays:) I haven't experienced what you have but for me spending this season for gifts that you'll give to your love ones is okay. I love the feeling of making people happy in simple things I do like giving gifts. Money could be replaced but the happiness of our love ones is priceless:)