Anxiety and Panic Attacks

@syramoon (654)
United States
December 25, 2012 11:11am CST
Over the last month or so I've began to have very bad panic attacks the first of which sent me to the ER thinking I was having a heart attack. After a CT scan, EKG, and blood work I was sent home with the diagnosis of anxiety. I've had anxiety attacks before, but nothing this extreme. Since that day in November I've had them nearly everyday and each time it feels like I'm going to die. I have made an appointment with a doctor, but because of the holidays and having to find a sliding scale provider because I don't have health insurance the earliest appointment I was able to get was January tenth. I've tried hot baths, aroma therapy, positive self talk, meditation, prayer, and much more. It's not as simple as don't think about it or remember to breathe. I think it's causing me to have headaches too. I've had a migraine for 4 days now. Yesterday, I went to the ER and they did a CT scan of my head and said everything looked good that it was just a migraine. I'm dreading trying to explain this to a doctor I've never met before, but more than that I'm dread the two weeks until my appointment. I don't know if my sanity can survive another two weeks of this. Does anyone have any coping suggestions until my appointment with the doctor?
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26 Dec 12
Hi friend...I had same problem a year ago. I thought thrice that this is my last day of life and i got severe heart attack. I also went to doc and he told me it's a panic attack. He gave me some medicines to relax and i had those about a month but i soon realise that i am getting used to these medicines. It happens when we have so many tensions in life or if we have dissatisfaction to any extent. But dont worry my friend...just relax. It has a cure. Have a meet with doctor may be he would give you pills so have it for time being to cope with extreme problem which is preventing you to relax naturally. After getting some relief just do the following: Go for morning walk daily.. Buy something for youself which gives you happiness and satisfaction(i bought an Ipod which i was thinking to buy for a long time) Do whatever you like(just anything) for some days and forget about all worries Say to yourself daily that you can overcome any problem and dont be panic Watch some comedy serials or movies( i watched jim carrey movies that time) Never drink or smoke during this period Practice this and you"ll see all worries "ll go away..This is how i got out from those severe panic attacks. You just need will power to overcome this situation and remember never rely on pills to get this over.
@Emvy548 (387)
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25 Dec 12
Hi syramoon - I do hope that you get well soon. What I feel is that it starts in the mind due to stress that our everyday life creates. If you manage to cope with stress you will be able to control anxiety and panic attacks as well. I also used to have panic attacks till some time back but I read up a lot about how to control it without medication and found a couple of good articles about how I can do it. One article (given here - was especially helpful for me.