A Doubt in Life

December 30, 2012 1:05am CST
Hello Everyone, its been some very long time since i have deployed myself in here. I have not been here because i got a Job and i was working to be an Graphic Designer. The Problem i am facing now is really setting me to corner of the cliff. A Girl in my office loves me, Even i too love her. But the Problem is She is somewhat 6 months elder than me... I have brought this in front of her mind she told no problem with that , We'll surpass it by our love . 2nd : We both are of different caste, it doesn't matter in my knowledge but in our parents side i think it may have some effect. 3rd: She is much shorter than me. Actually by Mind i am very much keen to take care of her but i never realized it would turn up like this. Do any of you have any suggestions for this ? Can we really go ahead of what we got or should we have to go for any other option ? I can over come all other problem... But the big difference in Height within us really upsets her ! She fears what if it become a reason for Parents to get rid of us being married ?
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• Philippines
30 Dec 12
If age, caste and physical characteristics (like height) are the only things in your way, then they should NOT be. Marriage isn't about things like that. Marriage is bounded on faith, trust, and all in all the purpose of life you would strive together. No one is perfect, and every one has his or her shortcomings. But marriage is the bond that joins two people who will help each other, and fill the spaces where they lack. Strive to explain-kindly and respectfully- to your parents why you believe she's the one you want and need as your partner in life. I cannot advice right away when it comes to your parents, but this I can say- do what is right. If you truly love her, and she truly loves you there no other path for it but marriage. Help each other grow, protect each other from falling into evil, and cherish one another. If you continue on without getting married, it would just be adding to the pain. If you decide to go on with the marriage despite your parents' disapproval, then be prepared to help each other on in the life you will share together up to the very end. The only way you both will be happy... if it is truly love you have, is if you help each other towards the good path to success no matter what. Marriage is sacred, and love is the value that is seeks to flourish. Without marriage, whatever "love" you may say it is between you two, then it's not true yet. It can only be proven, tested and nourished through marriage. Love, in its true form, is sacred that it can only be fulfilled in a bond that is sacred- marriage.
@farjun (135)
• Israel
30 Dec 12
you are looking it all wrong man.. if you know thees stuff and you still like her it doesnt matter! the way you look at her, make her feel and feel beeing around her thees are the things that matter
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@MsTickle (25180)
• Australia
2 Jan 13
You are kidding right? If you think you have a problem then you need to give up on the idea of finding love. There is no problem here, you are inventing problems. I guess if this is how you really feel then you will always invent a problem. Maybe you will mature in a few years and your eyes will be opened but at the moment your attitude is really childish and silly. Good luck for the future.
@onlydia (2808)
• United States
30 Dec 12
First off you said that you Love her. Well, that is it then. You Love and Respect her then things are fine. So she is shorter then you, that is no big thing. Parents will except everything in time as long as your happy. And her being 6 months older is no big thing at all. I'm 2 years older then mine and he has no problem with it at all, and his parents don't as well. You have a great day.
@nezavisima (7408)
• Bulgaria
30 Dec 12
first thing I'll say is that if you love someone you should be with him to live his love whether it is large or small. whether or not other caste do is yours. I think that you will live with your girl and not your parents. Yet it is my personal view. nice day! happy new year!