My Cable Bill Is out of control!

@shante2 (338)
United States
January 9, 2013 4:07pm CST
So Hey yall I got my cable bill in the mail and i read it and the bill has sky rocket out of control, it's like 100 dollars over and this is absorb. So i'm calling the cable place and to let them know that there has got to be a mistake and they tell me that theres no mistake and someone was excepting pay perview movies on my end , and I was like what no that can't be true. I have to have them look into my account now and check for errors, do yall think that there is a hacker next door that's stealing my cable?
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@trisha27 (3494)
• United States
15 Jan 13
I don't think that is possible for someone who is not living in your home to order payper view movies from their house. It has to be with someone from inside your home. Is there anyone else that you live with and are they able to order movies. If so then you may want to ask them. If not and you are for sure that you did not order those payper view movies, then I would get the cable company to research your account and make sure those charges are not correct or dispute the charges and get them removed.
@911Ricki (13588)
• Canada
10 Jan 13
Is there anyone else who watches TV?. I dont have a TV so I don't have this issue. But where I use to babysit as a kid, the kids would accept whatever and the parents didnt know until the bill came in. Now if its only you, and it's not you accepting it, then it's an error. My brother had this for months, and had to argue about it, then argue about getting his money back.
@aabuda (1722)
• Philippines
9 Jan 13
I think you can't blame your cable company because I think cable boxes has different box numbers like IMEI numbers for cellphones. So it is exactly the one been ordering pay per view shows. Try to ask people in your house if they have been doing it.