Who else want to go to space?

@artauxeo (287)
January 10, 2013 10:02pm CST
just wondering. if you are given a chance to travel in to space, what would be your answer if NASA asks you why you want to go to the space? my answer would be... i want to be one step closer to the stars that gave existence to every planets and every living creatures. as we know it, a star is died so we could be born.
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11 Jan 13
Nice. given a chance why not! it's a zero gravity a great chance to feel like flying over viewing all the constellation and the wonders of the universe and that will be so great to take some photos along with the planets as the background. ha ha
• Malaysia
10 Feb 13
is great ha, the zero gravity it very awesome. see the earth to small from the space
• Philippines
15 Jan 13
If given a chance to go to the space. I'll answer them I want to go to space because I want to see the world how beautiful it is, and how great God is by doing this wonderful creation for us.
@sakral (70)
• Bulgaria
14 Jan 13
Actually if I'm not wrong for a couple of hundred thousand bux you can leave the earth and be a space traveler for a while. If I had a lot of money I definitely would try that.
@waleeds (126)
11 Jan 13
i would love to go into space and to look at our colorful planet as to how does it look like from space. some astronomers say that you can actually see the Great Wall of China from space which is really astonishing for me. how all the things work in space, how people feel when they are in space, what kinds of sounds they hear during their stay; all these questions would be answered once i get there. however, that won't be possible or may be we'll have to wait for another 50 - 60 years for humanity to make advancements so that every layman would visit space. no wonder that would be my journey of life. at this time, i can only hope!!