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January 11, 2013 10:40pm CST
Hi, I am seriously looking for a full time work from home, sadly I do not have any specialized skills, except basic computer browsing and decent English and communication skills. I have heard of many telecommuting websites like Odesk, digital point forums etc, I have been to those sites, but have no clue how to bag a project ( something like data entry, cup , paste, jobs kind of ) How to find such jobs? research is that's a genuine job and a good employer and how to write a proposal convincing the employer , to award the project etc anyone here has any experience in getting such small projects form any marketplace sites? Please help.
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• Philippines
18 Jan 13
It is difficult in freelancing sites if you don’t have that ample amount of skills on desired job projects. The best way that you can do is to acquire first knowledge on desired online skills so that employers will embrace your application. I’ve been in Odesk for some months now and I have had successful job workloads over the site. What you should do though is to update your Odesk profile put a lot of striking information with your educational background, your skills, and your sample works. It’s in a way putting up an edge from the other bidders on the site. Also, joining the Odesk tests and examinations can increase your impression on your employer. You can also join gig-sites such as Fiverr that caters doing online work to various independent freelancers. If you have knowledge in tutoring, you can apply to tutoring sites such as pc-conveni which is an English tutoring site over skype. There are also writing tasks/projects over forumcash and onlinejobs.ph that has simple writing jobs posted over their site.
@sanjay91422 (2725)
• India
14 Jan 13
I also have heard of those websites but I also never got a project, now I read their name here and there only, because I don't remember the last time I had opened my profile. I have offline job, I think it is better than the online for me. You have to find yours.
@deserve40 (1656)
• India
13 Jan 13
Hi friend, earning online is not easy thing. However, if you are serious about it, I can suggest you some sites like mturk where you will find small tasks and you can earn some amount there. As you are already on mylot, I suggest that you shoulc keep posting here on mylot as much as possible. It will not only increase your earnings but at the same time you will come in contact with many people here and some times some of you contacts may be able to provide you some online work. However, keep in your mind the fact that these earnings are not regular. You should try blogging also but there you will have to work regularly and patiently for earning good amount. Best of luck friend...!
@shipumh (14)
• Bangladesh
13 Jan 13
It's very hard to get a job in odesk,specially when you're a noob,plus competition. you can write articles and earn a handsome amount of cash every month if you're fluent in english and have good writing skill.
@ARIES1973 (11426)
• Legaspi, Philippines
12 Jan 13
Hi friend! Although I am not working online on a full time, I can say that you can be able to earn some with myLot. Just keep on posting quality discussions and participate more often. You can also try submitting articles on writing sites like expertscolumn. The earnings might be small at first but you have an opportunity to have a decent income on the days to come. The more articles you write the ore chances of having a good income. Have a nice day!