How to earn at least $5 everyday using Internet?

January 12, 2013 12:15am CST
Hello everyone, I want to know "How can i earn minimum $5 Everyday?". I have try to search in Google but can't find and also don't tell me about Writing Articles or PTC websites, i am already on PTC websites and i also have a blog but i don't have too many ideas to post. Thanks
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@jenny1015 (13386)
• Philippines
12 Jan 13
I once earned that much in doing tasks via Clixsense or the minijobs from Neobux. DO you have an account on those sites?
• India
12 Jan 13
Okay and Thanks for replying. I will try oDesk and see how much i can earn. And Can you tell me How much myLot give, means for every post, comment etc. ?
@jenny1015 (13386)
• Philippines
12 Jan 13
Hi,alamsher! It is really,not that easy to find any job online, but it's worth a try. One should just need to persevere a little. I had a lot of virtual assistant jobs from odesk. @akash, we earn here according to the quality of our pist and not by the number of posts we make.
• Philippines
17 Feb 13
Try doing projects from odesk and elance clients
@suraj7nov (1737)
• India
16 Jan 13
problem is that people want to earn fast,first learn something then you can earn
• China
26 Jan 13
i just can not agree with you more
29 May 13
supports people like you looking to make money online!
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• United States
11 Feb 13
I am on Mechanical Turk right now. It might be possible to make $5.00 a day if you do the higher paying tasks successfully. They do posts things like writing an article for $4.00 and doing surveys. However, there is a major catch, if the person doesn't like your work, they can choose not to pay you. There is also, but again the earnings tend to be low. I was on Elance for awhile and the writing was so time consuming that I just had to quit. I mean seriously, one client wanted me to design 75 worksheets and only paid me $35. It just wasn't worth it. I think online earnings tend to be very slow and it is tough to make working online a person't sole income source.
• Philippines
1 Feb 13
Hi, You can try Facebook's Cloudcrowd application to earn a few cash by doing simple tasks. They pay the next day regardless of your earnings (yes, even if its only $.005). If you are on Android, you can try WHAFF and Appredeem. They pay you for downloading some applications. WHAFF has a $5 minimum payout while Appredeem has none. Good luck.
@DoctorDidi (7030)
• India
17 Jan 13
The target is a little bit high, I think, for not only a beginner but also also for any veteran in search of earning money online. I would request you to kindly go through the discussions on earning money online for getting an idea of different ways and then to select a few in accordance with your taste and choice.
@Janurmas (645)
• Indonesia
14 Jan 13
You even can make $10 everyday in Mylot. How? I have 2 ideas. First, post as much as quality posts in Mylot. The other one is getting active referrals to posts on Mylot discussions as the way you do so. Do you think that these 2 ideas are hard to do? Earning from Mylot by only posting may be hard, but by having many referrals on Mylot, it will be more easy. So, try to get many referrals on Mylot, and again, you'll be credite 25% of all of your referral's earnings. Say what?
@aerous (13465)
• Philippines
14 Jan 13
It's really hard to find any website that we can make such amount daily. If you want to earn such amount you may apply in freelance to find a good jobs there and earn more than that...
@marguicha (117793)
• Chile
13 Jan 13
I earn a little over $3 a day, so I cannot give you ideas. I suppose I could earn more if I spent more time online, specially here at mylot. The thing is, I do spend time here, but reading posts. I have fun that way, but I don`t earn so much.