Have you experience dizziness when traveling?

January 13, 2013 12:10am CST
My child, every time we are traveling she experienced dizziness. Me also, and I am so upset because everytime we are planning to travel by bus my child don't want to go with me because of her problem when traveling, dizziness. Have you any suggestion about this problem when traveling? thanks.
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@babyeve (1048)
• Seychelles
15 Jan 13
Yes all the time when I travel by bus and there a lot of bends along the way. I even vomit at times when I get off the bus. I cannot read while traveling on the bus as it gives me upset stomach and headaches. I have had this problem since I was small. Basically I have got used to it.
@maximax8 (31053)
• United Kingdom
14 Jan 13
I felt dizzy on a bumpy flight to Tunisia. This dizziness was caused by my ears I believe. I had ear pain and vomited. I felt so very unwell on that awful flight. It was awful to land then take off again. A few years later a friend gave me a pair of ear planes. These are small things I screw into my ears. These stop me feeling dizzy, sick or getting ear pain. I always buy a pair of these before I fly off anywhere. Good luck with yourself and your child. I like to get my daughter near a window so she can see out.
@Asylum (47893)
• Manchester, England
13 Jan 13
I used to suffer quite seriously from travel sickness when I was young, which made it very difficult to travel any distance for a holiday. My parents took me to Rhyl in Wales most years and the journey was a real problem. The distance is around 75 miles, which resulted in my being physically sick and rather unwell before even reaching half way. Fortunately the problem simply ceased and now I actually enjoy travelling. Whether travelling by land, sea or air I look forward to the journey, which is a great improvement.
• Philippines
13 Jan 13
hi celestial, I am like that specially if we are boarding an air condition vehicle that's why I don't eat any when travelling I just drink water my mom used to give me a tablet so I can't be dizzy when travelling. happy mylotting
• India
13 Jan 13
Well,you need to understand the cause of dizziness.When i traveled to new destinations in bus or train i have felt dizzy.It has been more of physiological reasons.But once again if i travel in same route, i do not feel anything and i am able to maintain myself well.I also once thrown myself after travelling a long distance facing away from the direction of travel.And another important thing is to consume less food than normal while travelling.It also helps in controlling anxiety and dizziness.May be a little mental imaging and preparation also found help in controlling the dizziness and discomfort felt during the times.It has helped me in long distance journeys.I have a friend who also finds it difficult to travel in bus or train due to dizziness while travelling for long hours.He would try to cut short the travel by taking a flight or travel whenever comfortable.But anyways checking with doctor is also nice.After all understanding our body and mind is most of the time useful for ourselves.Thanks!
@Janurmas (642)
• Indonesia
13 Jan 13
There are medicines for dizziness while traveling. Suggest to your doctor about it. It is a common ailment sickness. I was always having dizziness while traveling by bus, but now, that habit has been lost from me because I often traveling by bus and become my habitual in traveling.
@chiyosan (30184)
• Philippines
13 Jan 13
I do feel some dizziness when i travel over land and especially in boats. I have dizziness for airplanes but it subsides easily. nothing can compare to sea sickness if you ask me. =) hehe so when i have to be at sea i have got to take in a tablet to make sure i don't get dizzy.