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January 13, 2013 2:15am CST
I am Just wondering what would be the average earning say per month or 3 months on mylot, ( from discussions, from referrals, from tasks etc ), just to have an idea . Could you all please throw some light on it.
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• United States
13 Jan 13
there is no real average per say for each post or comment. it depends on the time you are on the site how much you do and the quality of your responses. pretty much an easy and quick way to put it is "the more you type the more you earn". when I first started out I had the sane questions I wanted to know what I was making but I learned quick to sit back and relax and not . count what I was doing but look for fun interesting thinvs to do here. I learned to have FUN. that is what mylot is all about "fun". welcome to mylot and thank you for the friend request I hope to see a lot more from you and I will get back to you as soon as I can I have to tap at each letter because I use a kindle fire until I get a new computer lol anyways I hope you enjoy it here and are here to stay
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• Philippines
18 Jan 13
Personally, we really can’t tell how much you can earn per month over the site. Since myLot’s earning algorithm is a secret over its users. The best that one should do to make a good earning over the site is to participate, participate, and participate. Remember that this is a discussion site and quality is more important. Like the saying goes, “I write I earn”.
@marguicha (215029)
• Chile
13 Jan 13
There is no way of knowing. It depends on how much is your participation and in other variables we don`t know. REad the rules and guidelines of this site. All of us have had posts deleted because we ask things we sholdn`t in a post. That will help. It is frustrating to have you work deleted. Luck!
• Hungary
13 Jan 13
My record is 0.2-0.21 a day. But if you spend a lot of time here and talk all day, typing like a machine you can earn a lot. I think getting referrals worth it too. If your refs fall in love to Mylot you can get a lot of cash.
@Admin1993 (628)
• India
13 Jan 13
Welcome to mylot my friend.You should make sure search for discussiom before starting a your own because these type of discussions had already been discussed manytimes and i'm afraid this discussions will remain or not. BTW it depends upon you,if you're active in participating i mean responding and starting discussions then you'll earn as per your expectations.