Nail Water Marbling

United States
January 15, 2013 10:39pm CST
I found this on YouTube. It's called "water Marbling". It creates awesome swirls and tye dye effects on your nails without having too go too a salon! First you need a small bowl, old towel, needle, room temp filtered water, nail polish remover, and three different colored nail polishes (fast hardening will not work). Fill the bowl half way with the water then drop 2 drops of the first polish, then the second, then third making circles. Take the needle and swirl the colors around making a design. Then dip your nail into it and hold it there while taking the needle and collecting the access nail polish out of the water. If you want you can put tape on your fingers around your nails for easier clean up. Now let it dry then paint with a clear coat if you like.
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• Canada
16 Jan 13
Ya this appearantly works. My 9 year old daughter told me about this. She did it at her friends house.
• United States
16 Jan 13
Yeah its really fun but takes alot of practice. Its also very messy and time consuming so I just do a few nails per hand.
20 Dec 15
It looks really cool. I just need to take out the time to try it :)
@asliah (11137)
• Philippines
5 Mar 13
really its working?did you already try it?that is very artistic one but of course it needs a long preparation to do that unlike the normal polishing of our nails,but we can also make some designs even without that but we still needs many colorful nail polish.
@natliegleb (5175)
• India
9 Mar 13
this is fine and coating is elegant ,just leave it or else for the sake of design more patchmarks will make it look crazy8
• United States
24 Apr 13
This does work! But it took me awhile to figure it out and I still haven't really got the technique down. And it's very messy! It looks so great once you're done though. You can use different colors and each swirl pattern looks different so you never get the same result twice. It's a lot of fun!
@starirai (21)
• Philippines
9 Mar 13
I tried this also, at first it was a fail and very time consuming I almost give up,. But I tried and tried patiently, then it was perfect.;-) not that perfect, but it was awesome nail art. My friends love the design;-)
@khithi17 (762)
• Philippines
16 Jan 13
I know this technique. I tried this twice. But I always get messy results. hahahah. maybe I'm doing it wrong or my nail polish dries very quickly and it's not spreading on water very much so I always get bumpy nail polish at the end.
@MissBlack (356)
• United States
9 Feb 13
or you can take three colors you like together, make straight lines on your nails and swirl the colors together with a dotting tool or a toothpick..its the non-messy way of marble has all the best nail tutorials..I got a cool plaid design on my nails right now! I think her name is MissJenFabulous..her tutorials are great!