i want to buy some stocks,do you think it is a good ways for earning money

January 16, 2013 12:09am CST
now i have some free money,and want to do some investment, do you think the stocks is a good way to earn money? and do you have some reference experience to teach me ? because i know little on this aspect.thank you.
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@MrGhost (550)
27 Mar 13
It is a good way of earning if your selection of stocks is correct but if you select the wrong ones, it would prove to be the best way of losing money.
@airkulet (2700)
• Philippines
2 Mar 13
Investment in stock market for longer terms is a winner, you can actually surpass deflation of currency especially if its only sitting in the bank, just buy stocks that you always use like for example if you love Pepsi so much then try to buy their shares, or if your main bank is BPI then buy the shares of BPI, just makes sure that these companies belong to blue chips, do not make a trade or you'll have an heart attack
@enigma13 (372)
• Philippines
16 Jan 13
Hi xx598907296! I too am becoming interested in investing money in the stock market. The government (here in the Philippines) is encouraging people to invest in the stock market since it's been doing good these past few months. I have watched several news clips and read several forums about investing in the stock market and from what I understood, it is a high risk investment. By high risk, they mean that yes, you'll definitely earn by investing in the stock market but there's also a great chance that you'll lose all of the money that you've invested depending on the stability of the stock market and the stocks you purchased. Simply put, it's a gamble and it's something I am not yet ready to go into. Hopefully, other mylotters will enlighten us regarding this matter. Good luck and do your research first before yo invest. :)