January 16, 2013 3:24am CST
I realized all of a sudden 2 cents missing from my balance that was showing here until yesterday, now my balance is 2 cents less, what could be the possible reason, I have no clue, communication, but balance been reduced by 2 cents. It may not be a huge amount, or would make a huge difference to my livelihood, but wonder, if this is common
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@owlwings (43915)
• Cambridge, England
16 Jan 13
First, LOOK at the bottom of this page: It says: "All amounts are estimates and are subject to change until final payments are made." Next, look at the FAQs here: This gives several reasons why your earnings may fluctuate. Please note that earnings CAN increase by a few cents as well as decrease when the adjustments are made! To AVOID losing earnings, make sure that you KNOW the Guidelines and that you keep away from responding to discussions which are certain to be deleted and, of course, DON'T start such discussions yourself!
• India
16 Jan 13
It happened to me also before. Just check your profile and if you find any discussion or the ones you replied to are missing, if yes then it may have violated the TOS( Terms of Service ) as the other user also mentioned. So, eventually the money earned by that particular discussions will also be deducted. Mylot also sends notifications via email where they will explain to you which particular discussions violated the guidelines and why they are being removed. So, don't worry, just go through the FAQs and respond to those topics which doesn't violate the guidelines of this site and also create quality topics and discussions so that others might get helped. Happy Mylotting.