Peoples Feelings on Marijuana

United States
January 17, 2013 5:10pm CST
More and more U.S states approve of marijuana as being a recreational use product. I want to hear from what others believe on this topic. What do you believe? Is it good/bad, personal beliefs, is it for everyone? Tell me what you believe, everyone wants to know, do you agree?
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• Valdosta, Georgia
18 Jan 13
I have never tried it personally and never will. I don't like feeling funny and people say thats how it makes you feel. My husband was prescribed it a while ago and he didn't like how it made him feel so he took himself off it. I think for medicine its good for pain and some other medical problems. And what others do is their own business, not mine. I will never try it legal or not but everyones different and I have no right to judge anyone else...