The unforgetable experience of my student life

January 20, 2013 8:41pm CST
For a long time, I can never forget those days in my life. I was a freshman and it was my last subject for the day. I felt sleepy in the class and I really can't help it for I am a working student. I was the laughing stock at the moment. All my classmates was looking at me. A classmate setting near me told me that we are discussing dynamic response and as an example our classmate give as example, committing suicide. The professor give unpleasant comment to my attitude I was very ashamed and I think of saving myself. Sorry sir. I said, I don't mean to do it, this is my first day in school and I heard a negative answer to an excellent topic. You said, Excellent answer and I don't want to solicit enemies, better for me to be silent. What? can you justify it? the professor became very angry and so as my classmate who answered committing suicide the class became unruly to me. So I said committing suicide is a cowardly act so how could it be dynamic? after several discussion the class become normal and after the class the professor convinced me if I could be the coach of the Soft Team for Commerce Dept. I accepted the Offer with my little knowledge of the game I did my job on researching and our Soft Ball Team was undefeated for years me being the coach. Until now I don't felt satisfied remembering. I did something wrong on the last championship game. It was our last batter, full bases with no homes and our opponent got a three home based. I called a time out but instead of orienting my players I instead passed by the center field man of our opponent and beg in a quick moment, Please give us a chance and walked forward as if nothing happened, not even one noticed what I did nor heard what I said? The game continued, the ball was hit hard but it was a flying ball going to the direction of the center field. I was dismayed and said to my players its alright, just keep running for a home based. Their man on the center field jump high to catch the ball and so he did as we saw but on the way to the ground he was out balanced and we are all waiting for him to stand. When he recovered and was able to stand up he raised his hand unnoticed that the ball was not on his hand but on the ground not far from where he came from.
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