Remembering Roe

@dlr297 (5409)
United States
January 22, 2013 12:54pm CST
40 Years ago today. The insidious U.S. Supreme Court decision that legalized abortion. weather you are pro life, or pro choice. I am asking all my my-lot friends to please take a moment and say a prayer, for all the children that have been murdered because of this decision. and please take a moment to mourn the lives destroyed by Roe, When ever their is a Event that involves our Children every one jumps on the band wagon starts prayer chains, and speaks out about it. Take the guns because they kill, ect, ect. But i do not here anyone say anything about all the children killed because of Row, and the Supreme courts decision.
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• United States
20 Feb 13
Has anyone ever mentioned the lives that were killed by anti-abortionists? Dr. George Tiller, murdered in cold blood while at church, and this isn't even touching on the threats to his life beforehand (there are entire articles devoted to documenting violence against clinics and doctors who perform abortions - it's a little stunning how rampant it is). Mourn the lives of those who have family and friends and were shot down because of radical activists, not the unborn who have barely any connection to the world. Most abortions take place in the first term of the pregnancy. At that point, one can barely say they have a child. It's not up to anyone except the pregnant person what should happen to their body.
@suspenseful (40193)
• Canada
23 Jan 13
Here in Canada, there is no law against abortion in any part of the pregnancy up to the time the child is born. People do not seem to care about the babies in the womb and there are those who think that the magic fairy takes that blob and turns it into a baby when it is emerged from the womb. Using their philosophy my grandsons would not look human because they were born at 28 weeks and are still in the ICU unit. I think of all those lives lost and not only that they were killed or murdered in the womb, but those couples who will go all their lives without a little one to shower their love on. The girl who was the birth mother had a horrible experience and had she had given into pressure and aborted her twins, I would not be a grandmother now. So I will pray for those little lives taken before they had a chance to grow.
@dlr297 (5409)
• United States
23 Jan 13
I will pray for your grandsons.... My brothers girlfriend went to have a abortion, and the baby was born alive....he was only 1 pound....and thankfully the doctor did not through him into a closet to die like some do....and that child is now grown, married, and has children of his own.
@maximax8 (31055)
• United Kingdom
25 Jan 13
I feel sorry for all the babies that have been aborted. These people haven't been given the right to be born and die in pregnancy termination. One or two might be really great people that if had been born would have made a difference to world perhaps. People can die in a war but at least they had sometime alive on the Planet Earth. If a lady goes for the abortion pill before 9 weeks of pregnancy that is medical and a surgical abortion in even later pregnancy is even worse. It was a shame Roe got abortion approved in America 40 years ago.