have you got your fun time in university?

@Zoe520 (61)
January 26, 2013 2:28am CST
I spent the most happy youth in my university ,i can study in libray,go shopping with roommates,do everything i like and nobody can interfered my freedom. are you miss the time of university after you graduate?
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• Indonesia
17 Feb 13
I strongly agree because life needs the freedom to indulge. The spirit we should take a lesson.
• Dhaka, Bangladesh
29 Jan 13
Hi Zoe, no doubt, you are really enjoying much. Keep on enjoying your student life. At the same time you should not forget that your main goal is to complete your study successfully. Yes, I have also enjoyed my student life. I also enjoyed much with my classmates. have a very nice day.
@Shavkat (131287)
• Philippines
26 Jan 13
I had a lot of fun time in school days. I missed my friends but things change and need to move forward. Finding the passion after graduation is the next plan we need to do.
• Philippines
26 Jan 13
i feel the same way as yours. i really miss being my university--my classmates, the library, my friends, my terror professors, the canteen etc. how I wish I'm still in college.
• China
29 Jan 13
there are a lot time for you to plan in university, but you should arrange your time on studing. for you will have plenty of free time for playing. afer leaving the univertiy,you will think why i did not take advantage ues of time to read more book, learn more technoglgy and so on. most of us may miss the life in unviersity,but it can not back.