Is This Happening To Anyone Else (Canada, USA, Anywhere)?

January 28, 2013 10:41pm CST
Either this morning or yesterday morning at exactly 5 AM my cell phone rang. I have call display, and it said "blocked." I still wanted to yell at the phugger who called and woke me up, so I answered. All I got was a high pitched BEEP BEEP BEEP Each beep was about a second long and there was about a half second between them. I have perfect pitch, and could identify the BEEPs were in a high C tone. A few minutes ago my husband's cell phone rang. He does not have caller ID, so the number would no have come up anyway. It's now almost midnight, Eastern Standard Time. Anyway, he answered his phone, and got the same beeps, same key. He does not have a speaker feature, but with my hearing I was able to hear them. Does anyone know what these are? This was just on our cellphone, not on our land line, or VOIP phone. All very late at night, or early in the morning. Any ideas? Is this happening to you?
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@KrauseHome (36521)
• United States
2 Mar 13
Personally, this would be quite annoying, and I would be wanting to call and get these calls traced, or figure out a way to get these stopped. Especially at 5 am in the morning. I actually try and keep mine down now so I can sleep just for the ones who like to send a lot of Texts all hrs of the day. But personally I hope you were able to get down to the bottom of it by now, and Stop it.
• India
30 Jan 13
I had not yet a a problem still now, not only me but also my friends has not yet faced it. If it is a call you can get the details by ringing at the customer care. If you find those calls a big troubles to your sleep. I would ask you to just switch off your phone so that nothing such miscalls or anything comes to your phones which wakes you up from your sleep.
@BarBaraPrz (41181)
• St. Catharines, Ontario
29 Jan 13
Did it sound like someone was trying to fax something? I remember an old TV show (Avengers, I think) where people would get a phone call, hear a beep, and go out and commit a crime. Let's hope this isn't anything like that.
@SHAMRACK (8576)
• India
29 Jan 13
Dear friend, Last year one of my friend told me about this. It created a mess with his sleep. Later for one week he switched off the mobile before he go to sleep till the morning he wake up. After that the beep sound nor the phone call not got. I actually do not know why it had happened, feel just to make one mess of their good sleep.
@ShyBear88 (56427)
• Sterling, Virginia
29 Jan 13
That sounds like a fax machine calling you. I've had that happen a few times when someone has called my phone and I've accidentally called. Some has the wrong number and doesn't know it it happens from time and time and some times wires get crossed even though you have a cell phone in the cell towers they some times things don't work they way they should.