Should kids get their cell phones taken away when grounded?

United States
February 3, 2013 1:08pm CST
Personally, i think if a kid got in trouble, a reasonable consequence would be to get their phone taken away. What do you guys think? Respond please!
3 responses
• Canada
9 Feb 13
I think it is good to do that . since they are so attached with their cell phone, when it will be taken away, they will think the next time before doing something bad!
@chiyosan (30184)
• Philippines
5 Feb 13
i think this should depend on the parents and how they are with thei children. i have never been grounded and it was never the case here in our home. whenever we did something wrong, our parents would tell us what we did wrong, and would tell us what we should not be doing and they are very considerate. This way we were ashamed to be doing wrong things. I guess when you explain to your child, there is really no need to limit the things they are used when they are grounded. i believed there are always things you should always talk about with your children.
@ShyBear88 (58716)
• Sterling, Virginia
4 Feb 13
It depends on what they have done. If it's something so small that taking the phone away wouldn't be much of anything at all then there is no point in taking it way. It has to be the right consequences for the wrong action that has been done.