How do we treat God?

February 5, 2013 6:56am CST
I am quite confused... How does God want us to treat Him? Does he want us to treat him like a God? Like a father? Like a brother? Like a best friend? What say you?
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• India
12 Feb 13
I'd say with all the evil being done in God's name it is better to treat him as non-existant.
• Greece
21 Feb 13
Or as being the ultimate Judge of the evil that men do in His name.
• Charlotte, North Carolina
8 Nov 13
he wants us to treat him just the way we would treat the ones we are closest to. He wants us to show love to everyone we know. If you can read what I posted today it might help. I believe he wants us to treat everyone like it were him. We are created in his image after all. So how do we treat others? Would you be able to kill your neighbor?
@Adoniah (7513)
• United States
7 Feb 13
The Creator wishes us to respond to Him as our Creator...It is the only true way we can relate to an entity that is beyond our comprehension...
@Metatronik (6199)
• Pasay, Philippines
22 Feb 13
I think it is already part of the freedom to choose if how are we going to treat God. It is our decision and I believe it is not His decision on how He wants us to treat him though I believe God wants us to follow the moral values that is important here on earth on how as well we treated other people.
@mythociate (21455)
• Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
5 Feb 13
Well, He comes at us in 'three ways' (Three Persons), so I guess it depends on the way He's comin` at you at the time. The Person of His Spirit is always there, within you & everyone else (even though they might not be showing any signs of godliness). Jesus Christ is widely regarded as the Son of God, and Jesus told us how to be His brother (by following His commandments). When Jesus's disciples asked him to show them The Father, he told them something like, 'If you have seen me, you have seen The Father; for I live in The Father, & The Father lives in me.' (And I'm sure you've heard the saying, "Like Father, Like Son!") And G*d DID see to it that we were formed 'in His image.' So G*d 'wants' (were I arrogant enough to suppose Our Father would do such an immature, mortal thing) us to 'treat him' (were I arrogant enough to suppose we humans could do such a supernatural thing to Our Father) as a great example---a forefather, 'begetting' us as Apostle Paul begot many of the early Christian churches. i.e. We start off blindly following His example & lead others to follow OUR example as we follow His. (We soon learn that we don't start by following His example, but that of one of His followers; and we discern the difference between Him & our leader---seeing why our leader cannot follow (because the world gets in the way).)
• Greece
21 Feb 13
All of these things I would say but I would put it another way. He wants us to be people who worship Him, live confident and holy lives as his children, regard Jesus as our brother, since we can identify with his humanity, put him first and share His interests as we would with a best friend. I hope this helps.
@hsofyan (3446)
• Jakarta, Indonesia
5 Feb 13
Your question made ??me gasped and realized that in fact I treat God as you have mentioned.