February 6, 2013 7:38am CST
Friends... i am curious about lipstick... my friend bought the same lipstick that i have because she said it looked good on me. When she put in on, how come the shade looks kinda different on her??? Does the quality of lipstick color change from lip to lip?
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@elitess (5070)
• Ipswich, England
6 Feb 13
Because she is not your twin sister :) Yes, I do mean that, being a different person with a different skin, and level of hormones and skin color will result in a different result on the combination with the same lipstick.
@maurya83 (923)
• India
6 Feb 13
yes, thats true..color may look change from lip to lip of same lipstick.. one should not choose one just because it looks good on someone else, even it looks completely different on lips than it does in the box.. there are two main factors for this, one is underlying pigments of our lips and second is body (lip) pH..
@ally12 (1202)
• Philippines
6 Feb 13
Yeah I think so..Maybe the natural color of our lips or maybe our skin complexion can possibly have something to do with the effect of a lipstick.
@mythociate (21455)
• Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
6 Feb 13
Maybe she has a different skin-tone (a different natural color and/or different way of putting on makeup). Or she bought a different color of the same brand as you.