Why Are Stars Going Topless

@MoonGypsy (4606)
United States
February 8, 2013 10:59am CST
i was working online getting paid to watch a video on fashion. the video was about the new see through topless style that the stars are wearing. when i say "see through", i mean you see everything. usually nothing is worn underneath and you can see the nipple even. you might as well not be wearing any shirt at all. i don't know. is this a fashion that is going to be going on now? it's impossible! you would get a ticket for indecent exposure. what's your take on this new fashion trend.
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@wolfie34 (26771)
• United Kingdom
20 Mar 13
Seems like nothing is left to the imagination any more, kind of takes the enjoyment out of it! But you are right, I sometimes cannot figure out how these new fashion fads take off, is it really acceptable to be able to see everything? What if there are children watching. One fashion that I hate is guys wearing their trousers halfway down their knees showing all their underwear, they call that fashion? Crazy, maybe I am old fashioned.
@jenny1015 (13366)
• Philippines
26 Feb 13
The celebrities might pull it off. Coz you know how people would expect them to do as daring as that. But for ordinary people, I do not think that it would be much a great sight. Plus consider how it would affect the children, too.
@allknowing (129415)
• India
9 Feb 13
And then they say they get raped. No doubt stars are protected but what about those who would ape them just to be 'in' Ugh......
• Canada
9 Feb 13
I thinkits pointless to wear those see trough shirts. Not only you will get a ticket but for most people, it is disrespectfull for them. Without forgetting that it is not a good image for kids who see that, since they are immature and they take example from older people!