dream of flood

@luisaR (452)
February 10, 2013 7:20pm CST
i see flood meaning but I need someone to interpret it the way i dreamt it. a flood was coming from the sea. I hopped in through a house's window to get back to my son on the 2nd floor of another house, the second time I did it after getting something from the bungalow house, I cannot hop in the window and get back to my kid because the water, the flood is way high,just a few inches from the window height. But inside this bungalow house, there was no water,no flood,just outside and all the people inside the house were very calm, they didn't care that I was crying so hard because I cannot swim to get back to my son in another house and just few minutes more, the flood will reach the house window and it will spill all over the house. what does it mean? thank u so much for whoever interpret it for me ;-)
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@machatago (385)
• Philippines
24 Feb 13
I think it's best to see some expert on that, but I've seen that there is a reply to your discussion and it means problems. Well I hope you will get through with the problems that will come in your way, have faith and always pray.
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@edvc77 (2141)
• Philippines
15 Feb 13
Hi luisar! From my experience and on what people say "floods or water" in dreams means "problems." This could be a warning and you have just to pray for it so it will not come or prepare yourselves for it. God is good that at times He let us see what will happen in the future so we have to pray for it or for the person or for our families.