Abraham's Bosom and Paradise - Are these the same?

February 11, 2013 8:04am CST
I just got bothered about a preaching I recently heard about these two things: Abraham's bosom and Paradise. The only place in the Bible I know where Abraham's bosom is mentioned is in Luke 16:22. (You can read the whole story starting from verse 19 to verse 31.) The paradise I'm referring to is the one Jesus told to the thief during His crucifixion. (Luke 23:43) Now this is what the pastor said. When a true Christian dies, he/she (in spirit form) will not go directly to heaven but to Abraham's bosom. I asked him about this and he told me that the paradise told by Jesus is synonymous with Abraham's bosom which is the opposite of what I know. What I know is that the paradise is synonymous with heaven. What I know is that the Jews and Gentiles (in the Old Testament until Christ's crucifixion) who were obedient to God went to Abraham's bosom when they died (because the atonement from sheep they sacrificed is not perfect and only temporal so they can't enter heaven yet). When Jesus as the perfect sacrifice was crucified, He went to Abraham's bosom (though it was not specifically written in Matthew 12:40) and gathered all the Jews and Gentiles who were staying there up to heaven. The Bible do not tell specifically where Abraham's bosom is, but in my theory as we can see in Luke 16:19-22, the rich man was able to see Abraham (so hell and Abraham's bosom could be at the opposite side from each other somewhere down to earth). What do you think?
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@Gordano (794)
• United States
16 Feb 13
Abraham's bosom and the Paradise refers to the same place. According to Islamic point of view, Abraham peace be upon him in the Paradise (the highest place of the heaven) and therefor going to Abraham's bosom means going to the Paradise.
• Philippines
18 Feb 13
I don't believe in the Islamic point of view. Thanks for responding anyway.