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February 12, 2013 3:17am CST
Hello friends. I'm a new member here. For my seniors please share all of your experience in this site below and please teach me how to get more money in this site. I really thank you for your respond. Please share your experience below.
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@deazil (4723)
• United States
12 Feb 13
You will not earn money by posting referral links. That post will be deleted and anyone who responded to it will lose earnings. You will also not earn anything for posting poll type questions like which will you choose a day without TV or a day without computer? Anyone who responds to this type of discussion will lose earnings when/if it gets deleted. These are two example of posts that are against the rules of mylot. Apparently you need to read the FAQs and guidelines. Then you'll know how to earn from this site. Right now you are losing earnings and causing others to lose as well, if they respond to those above mentioned discussions. And welcome to mylot.
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@jenny1015 (13366)
• Philippines
12 Feb 13
Hello, meliaz99! Welcome to Mylot! There are several ways that you can earn through this site and that would be actively participating on discussions, post comments on pictures and also via referral. Do take time to read the discussion guidelines and FAQs to help you in maximizing your Mylot experience. Hope to see you more often! Happy Mylotting!
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@rosekiss (30380)
• Eugene, Oregon
12 Feb 13
First of all, in order to earn in here, you need to be active and participate. Whenever you start any discussion, it is in your best interest to comment back to the responses you receive, as you only get paid for what you do, and not what others do. So many users will start discussions, and just leave them and not comment back, thinking they will earn from the responses they receive. If you don't comment back to the responses, then you won't earn, and that could be why you aren't earning anything. If users are going to respond, then you should at least have the courtesy to comment back to them. My experience in here is one of lots of fun, and also learning from others. That is what mylot is all about anyway, and not the money, although, it is a bonus. Just be active in here, participate, and you will earn. Take care, and have a very good day.
@else22 (4317)
• India
12 Feb 13
First of all,WELCOME TO MYLOT. I joined Mylot a few months back and my jorney here till now has been very pleasant and full of sweet and thrilling experiences.Initially I had a hard time responding to discussions here.I was unable to summon courage to initiate discussions either.Yet I started and went on doing to the best of my ability what was expected from me.Sometimes I had an exchange of arguments with others on a particular topic,but it went on pleasantly.No hurting each other and nothing like that.In 3 or four months,if I am right,I reached the payout.Till now I have got paid from Mylot twice. Rest assured,you will have very pleasant experiences here. My best wishes.I wish you a resounding success here on this excellent platform.
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@aqirock (855)
• Malaysia
12 Feb 13
welcome meliaz ^_^ I'm not a senior i still new here just 3 days. not much my experienced here yet but what I can say here you will meet a lot of good responder here for most topic and make a lot of friends here it's seem like social networking like facebook, for earn money better on keep active by responding on others and also got respond from post you make
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