Sometimes i think people from PETA are too much

@lady1993 (27235)
February 13, 2013 3:30am CST
They overreact about animals...most of the times. Saying stuff like let them(huge crocodiles) stay in the wild. But then the people who live there would be in danger. I sometimes think they disregard people's welfare. Although i am an animal lover, and sometimes people are worse than animals- we should always put them first- they should put themselves in other people's shoes too.
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@Raine38 (12298)
• United States
13 Feb 13
I think PETA should strike a balance between the safety of the people and the safety of the animals. I do not take joy in animals getting hurt but I will always take precedence on the safety of a human life than that of an animal.
• India
13 Feb 13
the most dangrouse animal is Humanbin If goes wrong. I do not feel safe with animals that much but when a humanbin hurt me then I say God , to be with an animal is much better than being with this human. Animals really get calm by giving them love and attention but some human bin, are even less than that If we call them animals , our animals will hurt for that.
@shibham (16977)
• India
13 Feb 13
Agree. Once i was a supporter and donor to PETA. But not now? my reason was something different. Here in my province hunters are killing one horned rhino back to back and asked PETA's help in this regard but they did not show any interest. They have their own interest and field of work and i let them do what they wish. No more support from me. Have a nice time.
• Philippines
13 Feb 13
I love animals but it doesn't mean that I also should ignore some human concerns when it applies. In any following, there will be some members who are extreme and very vocal. It's a manner of communicating effectively to sort the problem and issues.