What is The Difference of Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox?

February 14, 2013 1:40am CST
Hello friends. I want to ask you. what is the difference of Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox browser? I still confuse about that. I think all of browsers is same but the other people said that a browser are not same with the other browser. So what is the difference?
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@kprofgames (3091)
• United States
14 Feb 13
Some browsers respond better depending on what you use the internet for. I know anything is better then using Explorer (yikes). Firefox is very popular but have found that CometBird works better when I'm on Facebook or searching videos. Out of the many browsers have used find that CometBird has less problems with crashing and lag then other browsers. You can always download them and try different browsers out, then delete them if have problems. I know have had to go through several of them myself before using CometBird full time.
• United States
15 Feb 13
Have never heard of Opera. Have used several and still say that CometBird has worked well for me with the least amount of crashes or lag.
• Greece
18 Feb 13
My professor said that Opera is quite good one, It is heavy program but safe. I use opera by myself and I like it. Firefox is good too it's for hackers had many extensions chrome heavy,fast but not safe. Try it yourself and see which one is good for you
@mani118 (146)
• Pakistan
18 Feb 13
Mostly peoples thinks that chrome is faster but i don't reconed this..both are faster..and both are open source and very secure aswell.I think u will now have better understanding of chrome and firefox...
@MsTickle (25180)
• Australia
14 Feb 13
I use both Chrome and Firefox and they are much the same to me. They look different and have similar but different features. Why not try them all and see what you think?
@monouu (2606)
• Singapore
15 Feb 13
I've been using Firefox for years but I think it is going downhill with lot of complains. It become more & more heavyweight which use up lot of my PC resource - high CPU usage & commit charge. If you've a fast, new PC then you can try Firefox, I still like its feature but it is getting too slow on my old PC. Chrome is more lightweight & I'm thinking to switch over to it soon.