Office Wellness Perks

February 15, 2013 7:15pm CST
To all of you who works in an office... What are the perks that your HR Department has given you to nurture wellness in the working environment? Do you have fads like the biggest loser? Do they ask you to break at least 5 minutes of your strenous schedule for a quick exercise? What else do they offer?
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@Raine38 (12298)
• United States
16 Feb 13
In my last work, they provide a free aero classes every friday afternoon after work. Also, they used to provide free gym memberships for regular employees. I likes working there, it's actually a government office. And since most people there have been working for many many years and have grown literally old there, the human resources department thinks that the "oldies" need some physical activities even if it's just an hour a week.
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@yahnee (1243)
• Philippines
16 Feb 13
I used to work under the HR department but the management never ever gave approval for any perks to keep healthy. Most companies expect their workers to work and work and never do anything else besides increasing their output. We used to have plans regarding some fitness workouts for the employees to break the monotony of working all day but it seemed the management was not agreeable with the idea. Even a few minutes seems too important for the work output. Aside from team building which they approve every few years, there was nothing else for the employees.There are only a handful of employers who prioritize the health and physical well being of their employees. No matter how hard HR wants to implement some perks, it has to be approved by the higher ups and when do not, it becomes very disappointing. The biggest loser looks like a pretty good idea and very encouraging for those who have more than extra weight. I have heard about that idea from a friend in a call center and the employees are all excited about it.
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