why in my country too much corruption?

February 18, 2013 4:56am CST
I think the thing that can make people happy if the leaders of the country (INDONESIA) to be honest ... It's not like the current state of my country (INDONESIA) Too many corruptors They can only say no corruption but the fact that they are the criminals in (Indonesia) Do you have any solutions?
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• India
18 Feb 13
There is no solution for this problem until unless the leaders think about that where they are leading their country. Because if we select persons among us and later on he changed then what to do? There is a well saying that "If u want to see actual character of a person give him power."..and good fence makes good driver so good rules make good citizens....
• Sand Springs, Oklahoma
26 Jan 14
not a simply discuss u must see,, all the culture in indonesia,,include corruption
@lampar (7584)
• United States
22 Feb 13
May be it is the easiest way to become super rich and make plenty of $$$ from their government posts since there is no severe punishment for official corruption conviction and no anti corruption law in the book to stop its practices among the leaders. Often it is a political culture that had deeply rooted in many developing countries where it is not taken seriously by the law makers and members of parliament in all political parties, that alone is making everyone in the leadership position want to participate in it. For a starter, law makers need to treat it as a serious offense and begin to not just pass anti corruption bill into law, but also allow severe punishment on offender to effect changes for the better.
@May2k8 (17308)
• Indonesia
22 Feb 13
I am just an ordinary person, do not have a solution to corruption. I think the growing corruption in our country because of our own laws is still weak. If it is people not too greedy will not be like this.
• Philippines
28 Feb 13
Corruption has always been an issue in our country(Philippines), I guess politics is the best way to earn millions while in the position. I also don't have solution to this matter because I am living in one of the most corrupt city in our country. :(
@mani118 (146)
• Pakistan
20 Feb 13
Corruption is not only the issue in your backyard we do suffering here in pakistan. The only solution is if our Army's And Court's can do justice..These corrupt people should not be selected in elections.Peoples need to have much avairness about their leaders. Other solution we have seen What happened in egypt.That was non vilent civil resistance which featured a series of demonestration and labour stikes.
@else22 (4317)
• India
18 Feb 13
Corruption is now a global issue.You will not find a single country where there is no corruption.I am from India.Our country is now ruled by a coalition government headed by the Indian National Congress.It is the most corrupt government we Indians have ever had after independence.Elections are scheduled in 2014,but now the government is in a precarious condition.May be it would fall in the current year.I,a citizen of India,have decided to cast my vote against it.And I am not alone who has decided to do so.
• China
19 Feb 13
The best way to fight with corruption is democracy,and let all the authorities under the supervise by people,then there will be less corruption in your country,USA is a good example.
@Janurmas (642)
• Indonesia
18 Feb 13
I also from Indonesia. I think the big problem in Indonesia about the rampant of corruption is because the punishment for a corruption crime is like a leniency. The government should punish corrupter severely.