The meaning of "LEARN"

February 19, 2013 2:32am CST
I heard a saying today, "Learn consists of two parts, one is the awareness of myself, and the second one is imitation." These two always happen together, and only when we've done these two, we do learn. I think this saying is almost perfect! If there is only imitation, skills or knowledge will never become ours. If we only aware how incompetent of ourselves but do nothing afterwards, we can learn nothing, too.
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@Sir_bobby88 (8231)
• Singapore
20 Feb 13
Well i think Learn is something like getting to know new stuff and things , learning is a fun progress and keep us feel alive each day yea !
• Taiwan
24 Feb 13
Yeah~ Learning is fun. However, if there is only immitation, I don't consider it learn. I will think over your perspective. It is really inspiring, too.
• Dhaka, Bangladesh
23 Feb 13
Hi, thank you for your initiating such a nice discussion. It was not known to me. Have a very nice day.
@kenshin2143 (1880)
• Philippines
19 Feb 13
The word learning by itself is too broad and defining it in simple words would be so absurd. Anyhow, as for me, learning is acquiring knowledge and information and being able to apply it in real life. Therefore, if you cannot apply it in the real world, then you are not learning at all but just merely memorizing.