What version of Photoshop do you like the most?

February 20, 2013 1:03am CST
I'm using Photoshop 7 and even if it's an older version, it's easier to use unlike CS version, it's kinda confusing. How about you guys what version of Photoshop are you using?
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• Liechtenstein
20 Feb 13
I use Photoshop Elements 9. But of course I have used Photoshop CS5 before. But CS version has more features compare to Photoshop 7. But either way I still can produce the same result even though I use an older version of PS Elements.
• Philippines
20 Feb 13
I never tried elements 9, i think it's advance than cs version? i will stick to photoshop 7, because photoshop 7 is user friendly and this is the version that i used to
• United States
20 Feb 13
I just started using cs6 and I love it. I was using an older version of Elements prior to this and cs6 is a big improvement. There is a Camera Raw feature that just blows everything else away. The only knock I have against it is probably just how overwhelming it can be with all of the features but luckily I am taking a college course that pertains to this program specifically.
• Philippines
21 Feb 13
Please be my teacher using these photoshop apps. I am noob at using these kind of apps. I can only use MS Paint LOL. Please guide me well, pretty please? I'll promise i'll be a good student, sensei! waiting for positive replies! mwah!
• China
22 Feb 13
state at first that I can't be your teacher ;( I have ever taken course about PS CS6, and know little about how to use it. I tried PC CS5 before, but gived up it as I found that CS6 was far more better. I don't have the experience of other PS version, and I'm using CS6 to do some easy and simple work happilly ;)
• Marikina, Philippines
10 Mar 13
I use Adobe Photoshop CS3. Before, I have Adobe Photoshop 7. I use both and like both of them. It is because there some feature of Adobe Photoshop 7 was missing and only found in CS3 and vice versa and so, I use them both, but because my computer laptop was broken and was updated again, Photoshop 7 was lost and it only remains CS3.
@redtesha (1776)
• Indonesia
1 Apr 13
I'm using CS6 .. That's little confusing for first time but the tools make my job easier .. I'm graphic designer and designing with CS 6 makes my design better .. Photoshop 7 is nice but it's not good as CS version .. You should try CS2 for beginning before you use the newest version of CS :)