I love playing Dota

February 24, 2013 5:38am CST
Dota is my favorite game, this games is role playing game and Dota means "DEFENSE OF THE ANCIENT".. I am also addicted in this game, I always play this everyday and sometimes I'm absent in my class because of this. If I saw someone who will play this game I can't help myself to watch it. Dota is my favorite game so what's yours??
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@Mr_5075 (29)
19 Mar 13
I like this game I paly dota2 now This is good ganme Can you paly dota2 with me? Sorry My Engish not good!!!
@r1buts (73)
• Indonesia
14 Mar 13
this is my favourite game. eben though i just meet a few days because it teaches my friend. Rikimaru and traxex is my favorite hero. traxex is very easy to kill his oppenent. and rikimaru even hero crap but i like it because she was cute andoften killed if there is an opponent who fled..hehe
• Indonesia
11 Mar 13
Hey I'm also a huge fan of dota. I used to play this game often with my high school friends... But now I don't have a time to play it cause of university hard time.. I remember entering a tourney and my team lost completely in the third qualification match back there in highshcool... Hhaha But you know, dota 2 are really popular now, many dota master leave dota and play dota 2 instead.. you should try it pal...
@budi07 (2)
27 Feb 13
dota is my favourite geme. motred the panthom assasin and traxex the drow renger is my favourite hero. beside fun, dota learn us to be working together and many other things.
@gagi20 (2)
• Bosnia And Herzegovina
27 Feb 13
Yea Dota is great game i was one time addicted to game 24/7 in internetcaffe playing Dota vs other internetcaffe. But i got bored after few years xD. Do you know did Blizzard finished BLizzard Dota? I might start playing again. Where do u play Eurobattle or Garena?
@drake26 (10)
• Philippines
7 Mar 13
I used to play the said game like several hours a day, although for some reason maybe i just grew mature enough or anything like that i just stopped and now its more like not my cup of tea anymore. but i remembered my days playing that game with my friends like from 9 pm til 5 am in the next morning lol
@aerous (13434)
• Philippines
26 Feb 13
I know DoTa but I still not playing it. Ever since I start playing games online before I still have no interest to play dota. I play once a little before but I don't like the game. It's been a long time that I can't update dota on my PC. Now, I don't know any updates on that particular game.
@kenshin2143 (1880)
• Philippines
24 Feb 13
I also love this game because it requires thinking critically and being able to come up with effective strategies to win. However, I am not that addicted to it now considering I do not have any peers that constantly play it.
@savire (204)
• Indonesia
26 Feb 13
I love to play DoTA too but lol if you abandon your duty then it's mean not good. Actually the RPG part is attached to the Warcraft III where the DoTA resides. DoTA is just a custom Map inside the game. If you want to have your gaming time later when you have grown up then you must have a based income so that when you do your gaming life you can still support your family and that education came into importance. I do have a lot of gaming session either in PSX, PS2, PSP, PS3, XBOX 360, PC, and older platform via Emulator.