Any sites that pays for Forum posting other than Mylot?

February 25, 2013 9:38pm CST
Mylot is a great site that pays one for posting questions and answers in a forum. I also heard about a site called postloop but didn't like it really. Can anyone tell me about sites like Mylot that pays its users for posting questions and answers in forums?
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@AkamaruKei (5204)
• Malaysia
26 Feb 13
I know about a paid forum site Minimum payout for onlinediscussion is 1 cents but i still not try that site.
@savire (204)
• Indonesia
26 Feb 13
I try to visit the site and found that it's newly installed SMF forum based. Well I think it will need a long way to go for peoples to use them since many will need solid base first so that they knew the site is worth the time spend on it.
• Malaysia
26 Feb 13
Ohh i see it change now. Minimum payout also change to $1. Look like it start again. Before this i see someone say he receive payment from this site but right now i dont know.
@owlwings (43987)
• Cambridge, England
26 Feb 13
MyLot does not pay for posting 'questions and answers'. It rewards us for participating in good quality discussions. If you haven't yet learned the difference, then you are likely to be disappointed. There are quite a few sites which pay - or claim to pay - for posting. Many of them are specialised forums dealing with topics like HYIP or Forex trading. Others, like the relatively recent Bubblews, are general sites which seem to pay according to the number of views a post gets. These can hardly be called 'question and answer' or 'discussion' sites, although they allow comments on posted articles. MyLot is still unique in its emphasis on discussion and quality and in its robust and very fair earnings algorithm. It is also one of very few sites which has a 100% perfect record of paying on time, every time for more than six years.
• Malaysia
26 Feb 13
Ohh wow nice...
@Lucky12 (767)
• United States
26 Feb 13
Well i have heard that there are many sites, but you have to look for them. I mean I am sure there are, but I know that mylot pays over some of those sites, but you can see if someone has one. Good Luck to you.
@iuliuxd (4453)
• Romania
26 Feb 13
I believe most of them are paying users to stop posting.
@ARIES1973 (11469)
• Legaspi, Philippines
26 Feb 13
Hi friend! MyLot is the only community which pay its members for participating in the discussion that I know. Although there are several paid-to-post forums which also pays their members. Among these are postloop, payperpost,, mypage5 and a lot more. Although I must admit I have not joined any of these sites yet. But I can read some good reviews about these sites.
@mawee79 (403)
• Italy
25 Mar 13
I used to be on mypage5, but although I've reached more than 25$ (about 36$) wel, they never paid me. Someone said got bankrupt..