Who should take care of vulnerable groups?

February 26, 2013 2:07am CST
I was scolded today, but I felt happy and inspired. I got a mission to assist an old professor on his task of community empowerment. It is an aboriginal tribe in the mountain. It lacks of health-care, water supply, and most important of all, no money. How should I make this place better? First of all, I thought about my mother school and working place where are full of kind people capable of providing medical care, and I am sure that they are willing to do so. Second, I suggested that we develope the tourism industry to make more money. That is a beautiful place, and I am sure money will not become a problem. Then I was scolded, badly scolded. Who should take care of vulnerable groups? Not us, but the groups themslves. I learned that my feeling of wanting to help others was just an arrogance of a city guy. It is I who took their place to compare with my life, and it is only I who thought we should give them extra stuff. If I kept this arrogance and do what I think is "right," I would've totally destroy their culture and their independence. Their lives and future should depend on themselves but not on our seemingly kindness. What we should do is help them to help themselves.
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@subhojit10 (7375)
• India
26 Feb 13
Thanks a ton for sharing this discussion. Yes u are absolutely right, we all need to show our anticipation to help the vulnerable groups otherwise they would feel left out. they need nothing except our love affection and care. They need to be reached out properly so that they can enjoy all the basic amenities like us. I am glad that u have developed such thoughts in your mind. What say?
• Taiwan
1 Mar 13
Yeah, that day I also thought over the old proverb, "God help those who help themselves." We are not God, but we can teach them how to help themselves. And further, they will receive the help from God.
@mythociate (21457)
• Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
28 Feb 13
The glaring arrogance to me is your insistance that they need 'money' (or 'whatever you call money). "Mo` money, mo` problems"