It was an accident.

Penrith, Australia
February 27, 2013 8:23am CST
In another discussion, i said i ran away from home, i haven't gone home yet and I'm still staying with a friend. Her apartment's parking space is so narrow its difficult to bring the car in so i ended up parking outside for the past week. Until the other day, i noticed a deep scratch around 6 inches long on the car on the side. I didnt know where it came from, and i was thinking i probably hit something accidentally but didnt notice because i was blasting my music so loud. I was so worried because the car was my mom's, she'll be pissed when she finds out, so i had it repaired. Spent around 4000 pesos for it, then this morning, when i was about to bring my little bro to school. There was a new scratch, it wasnt as deep but it was very noticeable because it was around 30 inches long it covered the whole dooR on the backseat of the car's left side. Someone must have bumped it again when we were sleeping. I told my friend that i cant park outside anymore and that im going back to my grandma. She was telling me a lot of stuff about stuff and finally convinced by going home tomorrow morning instead. She told me to bring the car inside the apartments parking lot, she said she'd help me by coaching, so i tried, so she was making me go forward and then somebody called her on the phone, then she started giving me bad driving advice by making me go wrong directions. (I just learned driving a few months ago, i just got my license) The gate was so narrow it was really hard to bring the car in. I was blocking the way and there were other cars around abusing their horns on me. But my friend was so busy talking to this guy on the phone. Still giving me bad instructions. The way to the parking was a downward slope and then i panicked because of the other cars and accidentally let go of the break. The car has a bigger gash on its side now. And i hate myself.
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@dpk262006 (58673)
• Delhi, India
1 Mar 13
Whatever happened with your car seems horrible. Don't loose your cool and get it repaired if you can. This happens with many of us.
@jenny1015 (13366)
• Philippines
28 Feb 13
Well, who do you really think should be blamed? Was it your friend giving you the wrong direction or you who was not sure if what you were doing was right? You must be just too worried of a lot of things. Forgive yourself. Relax and breathe. Everything will be alright soon.