My lot earnings please respond

United States
February 27, 2013 11:23pm CST
Hi, I signed up for my lot a while ago and I stopped coming on because I found the earnings to be pretty low. Now I decided to give it another try, but I'm confused as to how it works. How much is it possible to earn in 24 hours? Does any one know the how much on average you can make per day. Some of your experiences would be helpful. I would love top hear any opinions as well. What can I do to increase income on here. Thank you.
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@chiyosan (30184)
• Philippines
28 Feb 13
I think time and again, this has been asked by mylotters. It is normal, yes and i would also say yes to the low earnings you will receivie here. i think a lot of too good to be true earnings won't pay you. but since mylot is legitimate, they pay on time too -- then that is just what they can offer. As you stay longer in the site, i am sure you too will like to stay here, participate and create discussions. Sometimes others would come here to vent, so imagine earning something when you vent? heheh ou won't realize, really how much you are earning but you will just see that you have already qualified for the pay out. ;)
@owlwings (43971)
• Cambridge, England
28 Feb 13
What is confusing about: "Use myLot, post discussions, respond to discussions, comment on discussions, or perform searches." and "Post quality content. For example, generate discussions that engage other users and provide insightful responses and comments to other users discussions to further the topic"? If you follow the rules, participate in discussions and, above all, enjoy doing it, you will find MyLot rewarding. If you constantly worry about how much (or how little) you are earning, you are BOUND to be dissatisfied. What you earn here is merely a 'bonus'. Even so, quite a few people get $10 or more every month.
@Archie0 (5634)
28 Feb 13
As i see here you have not really taken part in the discussions and other avaiable tasks here. Why don't you participate more and more in the discussions? They earn for you. Also read the guidelines they are of great help as they tell you how you can be good here. Don't be disheartened as nothing earns easily
@webgirl01 (689)
• United States
28 Feb 13
Hi there! In regards to the earnings on mylot, it depends on the quality of posts or responses on discussions. the more you participate the more earnings you get. So if you get good quality posts like about 8...probably you might get 15 or 20 cents.. depends. I really don't know the actual average.. But what you can do to increase income here on mylot is to everyday do some good quality responses on discussions. Respond to other comments as well.Just continously go on mylot and respond to postings and you'll get more increase each time.
@jenny1015 (13366)
• Philippines
28 Feb 13
Just what gifts has told you, find time in reading the FAQs and discussion guidelines so you could be properly guided on how to maximize your Mylot experience. The earnings you get here should not be compared to any offline job as the amount that we get here should be treated as another way of earning a few bucks in a month. But if you would be really active here, I am sure that those extra bucks would be a lot more than what you can expect from other online earning sites.
• India
28 Feb 13
Iam 58 and now that Ihave more freetime my daughter told me about my lot and a few more sites where I could engage myself .Ifind my lot interesting and I know that someday when my earnings will ammount to 10 dollars I will definitey get paid .
@theselan (74)
• Malaysia
28 Feb 13
Mylot is paying for our every single effort we took and it definitely will pay us and no doubt about it. Maybe you have to wait a day to get your earnings updated. To increase your earning, you should post more comments and post and all your contains should be quality, then you can see a higher pay in mylot. You also can perform search by using Mylot engine search to get rewards. Doing the tasks in mylot will help to get more income. All the best buddy.