March 2, 2013 3:46am CST
Hello Friend I am new on mylot. Hope all you are guide me here i am not for earning but one of my friend told that , Here on mylot , the people are realy not fake person like other social networking sits . Here on my lot we discuss our problem and find suggestion . Is this so Friends ??
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@lelin1123 (15595)
• Puerto Rico
15 Mar 13
Welcome to Mylot! This is a real social site with the ability to make good friends. Friends that will help you with your problems and be happy for you with your accomplishments. This is a 100 percent better website then facebook. I have been addicted to mylot from the beginning which was almost five years ago. I love it and you will too. Just start a discussion of any topic you wish and you can answer to discussions that others have posted. The more you write the more you earn. However, this site is alot more fun because you can make friends with people from all over the world. You can learn how other people live and their culture traditions. I love mylot and I hope you will learn to love it too. Good luck and happy mylotting!
@checkmail (2039)
• India
3 Mar 13
Hello sandra0402 this is checkmail and we all mylotters welcome you over here as an friend in between us all.My lot is an good social, fun, activity, earning site, the site and mylotters would help you with online earning also can educate you socially also share thoughts beliefs, even express yourself here. This might be first even social site where at least myself found lots of friends and quality materials rather than scam and thrash.
@pro_ojha (600)
• India
2 Mar 13
Hello Sandra first of all wanna welcome you in the beautiful world of mylot. and its true that here on mylot most of people are real. You can interact with real people . Do one thing learn FAQ and all rules .
@Bluedoll (16774)
• Canada
2 Mar 13
Yes what you say it true. Most people here I've found to be all the things you listed. We also are able to have discussions about a topic and connect with people in them. Myself, I am very real here in that I am honest but still retain some privacy with a pen name as this is my choice however I see many people putting up their own pictures. Suggested reading is http://www.mylot.com/o/guidelines.aspx which will give you more information about the site and faq's under the mylot tab. Any questions just ask or if you like to comment further it will be nice to hear from you. :-)
@sishy7 (27169)
• Australia
2 Mar 13
I maybe first to welcome you to myLot (if I can type fast enough...) I've been here just a little over a year and I've enjoyed it so much, perhaps even to the point where I'd be considered addicted to myLot. It's a great place to interact with friends from all around the world through discussions. I hope you will enjoy it here too!
• India
2 Mar 13
Hi. Even i am new on new lot. I have found this site quite interesting as we can discuss many things and give and take opinions or suggestions morever make friends too. Hope you will enjoy this too