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March 7, 2013 7:22pm CST
Chocolate and coffee are two delicious flavors. Taken separately each can hold its own, but together, they're a powerhouse of deliciousness. If you've never had mocha before, the best way to try it the first time is by adding a little coffee to your hot chocolate or vice versa. This way, you can adjust amounts of each to your liking. From there, you might want to try blending equal parts cocoa and coffee powders, then stirring a bit of this into cream cheese for a pretzel or fresh fruit dip. In the warmer months, you might try your hand at a homemade batch of your favorite mocha ice cream recipe, using coffee beans and chocolate candy bar chunks. Mocha is a tasty help in boosting your spirits and staying up for work, studies or writing.
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@wolfie34 (26771)
• United Kingdom
12 Mar 13
I am not a tea drinker, and tend to drink mostly coffee, black and hot chocolate, there are some wonderful variations and flavours when it comes to hot chocolate, of course mixing the two together is a great variation in itself, ideal in the winter months to keep you nice and warm, and of course there has to be a nice biscuit to accompany the Mocha!
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• United States
20 Apr 13
Hey there, wolfie, my friend! It would be nice to get together someday and play with the different varities of coffee and hot chocolate to see what kinds of mocha we could come up with, which we like best. Mocha Festival, anyone?
@Sir_bobby88 (8231)
• Singapore
9 Mar 13
Yea reminds me of vanilla mocha that was release in starbucks here in my country yea .It was so refreshing that could keep me awake the whole night and i simply love ice mocha or coffee with lots of whipped cream yea !
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• United States
10 Mar 13
Hey Sir_bobby, nice to meet you. Irish mocha with Bailey's, chocolate liqeur and whipped cream would be great right about now.