Allo Allo

United States
March 7, 2013 7:52pm CST
Allo Allo is a defunct BBC comedy about Nazi Occupied France during World War II. The progressive story is set in a cafe whose owner, Rene Artois, is stuck serving both the Nazis above and below the table. Meanwhile, the French Resistance keeps coming in his rear windows, planting a shortwave radio in his mother-in-law's bedframe, giving him orders about blowing things up and harboring British airmen, while sending him assistance in the form of a French forger-pianist and an English translator-gendarme. The forger-pianist turns out to be the mother-in-law's former lover and the translator-gendarme purportedly can speak French but in truth has a lousy accent. Every time he opens his mouth, it sends me into belly laughs. Things are further complicated as Rene is married (clesarly), but hasn't touched his wife in some time, preferring instead to make out with servant girls Maria and Yvette behind closed doors at every opportunity. This would not be such a problem until the Nazis actually shoot Rene. He miraculously survives, thanks to rubber bullets planted by Nazi friends, but then his wife takes advantage of the opportunity to take over the cafe, and Rene, resurrected in the form of his twin brother also named Rene, must re-court and re-marry his wife in order to keep his hands on his own money in the form of the cafe. As if all this were not enough, the girls both think he is now free to marry them and run away to Paris. Poor Rene. But all the more reason to watch Allo Allo and see what happens next.
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@wolfie34 (26771)
• United Kingdom
12 Mar 13
Brilliant, I had completely forgotten about this, now listen very carefully, I shall say this only once... you stupid woman!!! My favourite character in Allo Allo is Officer Crabtree and how he changes his words around, honestly, it took me ages to work out how he did it, but he was transferring his vowels with alternative vowels. For example. Hullo, Rane, whare os yeur wafe? It was comical what he came out with, and sometimes it could sound rude. They made tonnes of episodes didn't they. I also liked it when Herr Flick had to dress up as a woman with big melons and Smallhausen had lemons, and they had to do keep fit, just to see Helga! And of course there was that infernal painting The Fallen Madonna with the big Boobies, By Vonklomp! Classic and memorable, I never got fed up watching the episodes.
• United States
20 Apr 13
Oh my dear friend wolfie, I'm so glad you enjoy Allo Allo as much as I do! I have no idea how I initially happened upon it, but Allo Allo has given me many nights of belly laughs that shake off the cares of the day. I'm so glad it's available free online at movie2k and as DVDs on Amazon. Hope all is well with you and yours, as well as the garden and rockery.
@doroffee (4223)
• Hungary
8 Mar 13
I've tried to watch Allo, Allo, but it just wasn't for me, I think. It's weird, because I tend to like British humour, but that one I found a little bit bland humour-wise.
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• United States
12 Mar 13
Hey there, doroffee, thanks for commenting on this discussion about Allo Allo. I understand how you might find it to be comedically bland, as slapstick is like that. For my part, I enjoy not having to think after a hard day of constantly considering rules, regulations, laws, responsibilities, etc. And it was fun to watch my multiple degreed then-partner let go and laugh like a little kid.