Waiting for God

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March 7, 2013 8:13pm CST
Waiting for God is an absolutely hysterical BBC comedy about two intellectual oldsters sharing quarters and eventually marrying in an English retirement community. Diana, the female lead character, is a retired combat and investigative globe-trotting journalist who has done quite a bit of living and never intended to settle down for a minute. Feisty is an understatement for her. She's always upending the retirement manor's middle aged money-hungry skirt-chasing administrator in one way or another, but it's always unique and quite thrilling. She even makes off with her niece's Ferrari for a jaunt to the coast for an afternoon with her best friend and eventually husband Tom. Tom lives his days in the past mostly, but in his lucid moments, he adores Diana, her freethinking ideas and is game for anything she's up to, despite their mutually arthritic gaits. He also knows exactly how to bring Diana down to earth when necessary. The fun never stops with this dynamic duo. While Waiting for God, they make every minute count.
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@wolfie34 (26771)
• United Kingdom
12 Mar 13
Here's a bit of television trivia for you my friend, the actress who plays Diana, Stephanie Cole, also starred in Tenko, which was set in the War, in a Women's Detention Camp, she nows stars in Coronation Street as Roy Cropper's battleaxe of a mum. She is a wonderful, versatile actress and her one liners are so damn funny. Excellent series, and they sure don't make them like that any more!
• United States
20 Apr 13
Wolfie! I didn't realize that Stephanie Cole, OBE, was still alive and working, and that her characters were all significantly older than she. She's thoroughly convincing, quite obviously. According to her entry on Wikipedia, she's done stage, TV, radio and film. In addition to her current gig on Coronation Street, Tenko and Waiting for God, she's also played in Open All Hours, Keeping Mum and Doc Martin. That dear lady certainly gets around with her acting career, and I'm so glad you caused me to stop and check up on her. Now I'll have to find a free online stream of Coronation Street.
@urbandekay (18278)
8 Mar 13
I've not seen this but sounds interesting, will look out for it all the best, urban
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• United States
12 Mar 13
Hey there, urban, my friend, long time no see. Thanks for joining in this discussion about Waiting for God. I've only seen it offered on public television, but not lately or as a taped program for checkout at the public library. But it is a favorite to watch with a couple of dear friends. We practically laugh ourselves to the floor when it's on.