So my husband let me get my Iphone.....

@trisha27 (3495)
United States
March 9, 2013 1:29am CST
I bought the Iphone 4s and I love it. Because it has the Siri voice thing where I can talk to it and it talks back to me. I'm having an issue though. The signal is really bad, now I kind of regret buying it through the company that I have. Which sucks, because I had another phone with this company and the signal was great. But instead once I got this Iphone, it just really is not good at all. My husband thinks its because I didn't buy the iphone 5s. But first of all I didn't want to spend so much money for the Iphone 5s, and secondly it has nothing to do with the phone, because his phone too is having a bad signal. I just think its the area. Now I'm wishing I went to AT&T. I wonder if I am still in the time frame to return the phone and get my money back and go to AT&T.
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@suspenseful (40312)
• Canada
9 Mar 13
I do not know if you could return the iphone. It depends on whether it is on the contact. If so you may be penalized. It probably would have been best if you went with AT&T. they have iphones. I do not know whether you can change providers. It sounds that the provider your company is with is not that good or maybe your area does not have a strong connection. So you could be living in an AT&T area.
@MizzLadyB08 (1174)
• United States
9 Mar 13
I understand what you are saying. The only advice I can give you is to contact the cell phone company to see what your options are in returning the phone and if you are still within the time frame for returns. Hope that this helps you.
@jenny1015 (13376)
• Philippines
9 Mar 13
I am not sure that one can actually return a cellphone if they just wanted to change it to another kind unless the phone is really broken. But I hope that the company will have an answer as to why you have a poor signal on that particular phone.