England-Better or worse?

March 9, 2013 12:26pm CST
Ok, well I believe anything can be big if you make it so but I understand this one may kick of big. But do you like England better now or in the past? Also anyone is qualified to answer, whether you live here or not or any situation. Whether you are young or older and if you want you could leave your age just out of interest, only if you want to of course, to reiterate :) I find it hard. Of course. Many days waking up I feel England has sunk below low. Perhaps it reached above high for too long and fell down? I guess my main problems and concerns, as you may imagine, are with the government. I feel the newest is taking things to a new low. I have lots to say about it all and you know I can go on forever so I will let you speak and reply to your comments with more of my thoughts and ideas if feel it right to :) Please come and share and let me know what you think! Is it an illusion? Good and bad in all times right? Or is England finished? Should England leave the European Union? Shoulc Scotland leave England? Or anything else on your mind. Don't be shy :)
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@Sir_bobby88 (8243)
• Singapore
13 Mar 13
I think England is one the best country in the world yea , The infrastructural is so amazing and with that i believe investor would still invest in England no matter how bad it was yea. I think England is already with European Union as i believe they are one of the head of Euro and they should survive and lead all the European country to grow together yea.
16 Mar 13
Interesting view, thank you for sharing :) I do not know if you do or have lived in England but it can often be different, sometimes. For me personally England is a mess generally, an old former great kingdom on it's last knees- which is the sad thing. It could be such a nice place, so close yet so far... As for Europen Union England may leave that soon, which I am also in two minds about. I have no problems believing we can survive without Europre but not just the outcome we should looke at but whether we should. Europe could bring nations together, although in England, in Newspapers etc they often talk about Europe as intefering and sure enough some laws that get passed to us are useless, wrong etc but they also have some good and some very important ones. I think England can be saved. But we got to do it, we are the future!
• Shanxi, China
24 Nov 15
Many Chinese think ENG is a developed country and it has high welfare,So ENG hasn't lack of Immigration attraction.But compare with the Britain Empire in 1840s,The Empire has powerful navy,and it's make englishman more self-confidence.But now,the british always show their jealous to Chinese Navy,aren't you?So,The tables are turning.Don't be worry too much
@maximax8 (29129)
• United Kingdom
8 Apr 13
England is in the middle of an economic nightmare and a severe credit crunch. This recession doesn't seem to be ending. It is a shame food and drink prices have increased. It is a rip off when a product's size has got smaller yet the price is the same or higher. I use a website called My Supermarket to find the lowest prices for the products on my shopping list. England still has glorious looking countryside, pretty villages, lovely looking beaches, historical sites and interesting cities. I like its wildlife. Its weather is very disappointing. I live in what is meant to be the sunny south west. It is Windy Weston or Weston-super-mud. There was a time England was buddy with Australia and New Zealand. Then it had to tie with the European Community. It is wrong some countries have been able to join the European Union. A lot of people from Eastern Europe are in England. It is a shame many people are unemployed. I think Scotland will end up splitting. It is sure to leave England. I so wish I had emigrated to Australia. That is the lucky country.
@gljcleeve (147)
4 Apr 13
I think England has gone a long way down the wrong road, and has been onthat path for too many years. Like all old(er) people, I tend to look back through rose tinted glasses and see how brilliant it was as I was growing up and how bad it's become since. But that may well be a more than slightly bigotted view. Everything changes, and that's the way it should be, but have we gone the right way? I think we made a big mistake when we joined the E.U. as I think that we should have stayed on our own, but strengthened our links with the Commonwealth countries so as to for our own union with them. But this didn't happen, we joined the E.U. but then made another mistake. We should have gone in with a gusto, joined Germany at the helm and made the decisions instead of dithering around complaining that things weren't going our way. In that way, maybe we could have restricted the membership until the union was strong enough to cope with it and made the whole community so strong that the issue of a break up of the U.K. wouldn't have arisen. Maybe we could have controlled the migration of workers by ensuring they had better conditions back home and didn't need to take our jobs, who knows ?? But these things haven't happened as we are and always will be stuck with an out of touch government who are too busy looking out for thier personal wealth, no matter which party is in control. But, in answer to the title question, England is far worse than when I was growing up because then I only had to watch the TV, go to school, decide who I was playing with that day and ask for pocket money, now I have a little more to think about.LOL