How TO Make RAMEN ?

March 11, 2013 2:10am CST
hi guys, i have some problem here, i really want to make RAMEN but cannot find good place to get some recipes to do that thing if you all know then share here please, it will be good if we can share or if you have some of your style then it will be good too
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@owlwings (44032)
• Cambridge, England
11 Mar 13
There's a step-by-step article on how to make ramen from scratch: All that is needed is flour, egg, salt and water. The most important things to watch are: Making the dough of the right consistency; Kneading the dough (until your arms hurt and then some); resting the dough sufficiently before rolling out and using sufficient flour so that the noodles don't stick together when you cut and cook them.
• Indonesia
16 Mar 13
awww, thank you so much dude. that is so awesome i just read it and it is very simple and details too, and also some nice tips that you said give me motivation to make my own ramen sooner lol
@deebomb (15308)
• United States
18 Mar 13
Hello sidejob and welcome to myLot. After reading owlwings recipe it looks so easy. The ingredients is the same as for the noodles I make for chicken and noodle soup. flour,egg,salt,and water. I just don't roll them as thin as the RAMEN kind. Some of my family like the RAMEN kind and some don't. I buy them some times but I don't use the flavor packet in the package. I have soup base that is very good and a lot like homemade chicken soup. When I do the chicken soup base I like to add a variety of vegetable. Another way that is good is to use peanutbutter and honey for a sauce. along with some baked sesame seeds. A cheese sauce is good too.
@justyou (68)
• China
11 Mar 13
I don't know how to make it,but i can eat,haha!Good luck to you!