Encourage Others

United States
March 11, 2013 1:03pm CST
Giving money is not the answer. Times are hard and they are not going to get that much easier. You have companies outsourcing jobs here in the states because employers want to save their money and be greedy. There are people who have families to feed but cannot find work because they "boss" wants to put more money in his pocket. Encourage those who do want money only to do something other than beg. You see kids begging on the street, encourage them to go to school and learn. I heard someone witness a person high on drugs get at least 4 large pizzas, take one bite and throw the rest on the ground. She wanted money for her next fix. I am not saying not to give money. But for those who are homeless and hungry, those people will accept food. The best way to help is not by giving money because those who do beg are not going to ever stop. They can get aggressive and violent! Even intimidating! I do not like hearing every where I go, can you spare change? Do you have a couple dollars for coffee from starbucks and it gets worse! I cannot go anywhere without people acting very aggressive just to make money that they never worked hard for. What they need is to go out and look for work. I know that jobs are hard to come by. It is the same here. I guarantee that giving money away because people refuse to work is not solving anything!
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@yanzalong (18981)
• Indonesia
11 Mar 13
It is hard to stop homeless people feom begging.Whatbis more confusing ia that we cannot differentiate real beggars with fake ones. I was in the UK and got shocked to find out that there were more beggars than in my country.