Accept Responsibility 2

United States
March 12, 2013 1:34pm CST
I accept responsibility for everything I do and say! It is not everyone's fault that others get shot or that people commit crime. I care for others so much that most of the time, I put others before me. What needs to be changed is when people say that everyone is responsible for things that they have nothing to do with. You want to blame everyone for all the people who have ever been killed and had other crimes happen to them? Wake up! Why not put everyone behind bars for other actions! You are responsible for what you do. Not for crimes and bad things that others do. I hope that everyone who commits crimes takes full responsibility because whether you are caught here on earth, you will be punished! Those who do right by god, live for him and love everyone and do not hurt others by whatever reason those who commit crimes see fit. No one is ever responsible for what everyone single person on earth does. It is good to care but always remember that you alone are responsible for everything you do , not the actions of every one alive.
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@subhojit10 (7375)
• India
19 Mar 13
Yes i do believe that we all should be aware of our responsibilities and should always make it a point to complete them with grace and passion. If we see any faults or mistakes in our responsibilities then we should accept them also. This will not make us small or not humiliate us but will inspire us to give our best in our next efforts as well.