Squidoo HTML

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March 14, 2013 12:33am CST
On Squidoo there are no option to write in Bold, Italic and other format. But some people make this by using some html codes. It is very hard working. Where, on other sites like hubpages, blogspot and almost all site like this has the options to generate html to writing. Do you know, why there are no option for html code using on squidoo? Some peoples add affiliated banner ads on their articles using external html codes. Is squidoo allows it? I am trying to add banner ads on my lenses, but I am still unable to do it. I can use othe html codes to Text modules on my lenses, but only html codes of banner are not working. Do you know how peoples add banners on their lenses? There are around 100 modules on the site; it is very difficult to me to find the right module for banner. I think Hubpages are better to manage articles properly, although there are a few modules than squidoo. On squidoo, if I want to add a new module on the top positions, I need to delete other modules from bellow. Now I am thinking how I can add banners on my lenses.
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