we should not follow our feelings

@hotsummer (13358)
March 15, 2013 8:45pm CST
there are times that I would only do things when I do feel like doing things and so I end up often times not the able to do anything because I don't have the feeling too do so. so I just say to myself , if I think it's the right thing to do then I should do it no matter what or how I feel about it. if I think my judgement is right then I should do it no matter what and I shouldn't give up
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@jricky1 (6800)
• China
16 Mar 13
It's good that we have goals to realize and feeling positive about it.But we can't follow our hearts sometime for the sake of facts.But i have a dream and i always chasing it.Thus i have no regrets and making my life really be my way.
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• United States
16 Mar 13
Well yes, because some days we would not bother to go in to work if we didn't "feel" like it. On the other hand, sometimes there are things others may tell us we "should" do that honestly we don't have to do if we don't feel like it. Sometimes we get to pick say, how we want to spend a day on the weekend. If we don't "feel" like doing the laundry right now, we can do it later.
@kalav56 (11464)
• India
16 Mar 13
Reactions based on feelings or doing whatever you feel like may not be right all the time.We all have a set of routine duties to perform; and if we control ourselves to keep our feelings within this limit, then it may not be a problem.On the other hand, if I have an examination and I 'feel' like having fun with friends till midnight and going unprepared for the exam here my feeling would have led me astray. If I have a few people to feed and I 'feel' like spending my whole morning doing something of my choice then I am in trouble.If you are totally alone, not dependent on anyone or if no one is dependent on you , only then you can do it.If something is the right thing to do thne your feelings would be right here.There is no cause for concern. Apart from this routine pattern, giving vent to your impulses once in a while without hurting yourself or others is not wrong.
• Marikina, Philippines
16 Mar 13
For me, it is fine if we follow our own feelings, but if it is a negative feeling like being lazy, depression or stress, it is better to rid of them or else we cannot achieve our own goal. It is good if we have a positive feelings because if we have positive feelings, then that is better than to have negative feelings. It is better to follow our feelings that is positive.
@vernaC (1491)
• Romania
16 Mar 13
I always follow what I feel and trust on it, even if sometimes it brings failure, but in the end something else happens then I realized it's destined to happen on that way. But if you mean about the chores that you should be doing at home, I suggest to not follow the feeling of being lazy, but sometimes I do that too.
@jdawg011 (498)
• Canada
16 Mar 13
Sometimes you should follow them, but sometimes you really need to consider your options. If you always do stuff without thinking, it could sometimes have negative effects.
@MoonGypsy (4606)
• United States
16 Mar 13
it's okay for us to do that sometimes. after all, we are not always wrong.
• Philippines
16 Mar 13
I believe that we should not always follo our feelings, and that's true for feelings of tardiness and laziness. There were times when I feel so lazy and I just don't want to do anything but in order to succeed in something, I know really must do it. So I should just force myself even it's against what I feel.